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Shared Dreams, Ancestral Futures:
Creative Expressions of Black Family Life

Obsidian is a story.

A dream, really, in the form of a house. Oakland Hills, California, in the year 2025. Ancestral home of the Ohlone.

Rich in Black cultural heritage. The Obsidian story is shared among our creators and makers - twenty-three strong - who have contributed to a future vision of Black family life that we hold so dear. It’s a story about spaces for Black families to thrive, to embrace ancestral futures, technological futures, sustainable futures, joyful futures. This story is a collage, a quilt of our common interests and shared dreams. Obsidian is our invitation to Black creators and Black families to add your own story to our collage, as we communally build spaces we can call home.

Land Acknowledgement.

The Obsidian concept house sits - in virtual form - on the unceded territory of the Muwekma Ohlone people, who have stewarded these lands for millennia. We honor their rich cultural history, the principles of community and care, and the ancestral futures they continue to build on their territory.